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About Us

INA is built to serve and established to develop. INA aims to develop companies and communities in the spheres we master best: International business development consulting, marketing research, market access, and connecting business.

We established to become EU-ASEAN focus premiere consulting firm, having established ourselves as a competent advisor on strategy and marketing for businesses and institutions in the region.

Today’s world, where everyone is more connected and hence more engaged, offers both opportunities and challenges for all businesses, calling for business developers / entrepreneurs to develop an ingenious approach to catch the market.

INA experts answers this call by providing a comprehensive and tailored implementation of our concepts.

We Are Ready !

Market is an ever-changing battlefield

Especially in today’s world where advanced connection and information are parts of the struggle. One must be adeptly armed in order to survive. Positively, we were born prepared. We convert challenges into opportunities by arming ourselves with the right strategy and tacticswhich integrates the knowledge, skills, and best practice. With comprehensive business development services, we are more than ready to assist clients enter and excel on the battlefield of the market.

INA Views your market creatively and identify uniquely for capturing value in those opportunities
Passion for Knowledge
Dedicated to learn, develop and share knowledge to others. Not only updated and upgraded with the latest information and insight, we are likely to implement our proficients into practical issues.
Passion for Business
Dedicated to discover business opportunities, trade, and concern about the target achievements. Revealing hidden potencies by participating in selling activities and owning a target-and-cost-conscious attitude.
Best Practice
Dedicated to find and use the best ways of working to achieve your business objectives.
Great Network

Our Partners

Our partners passionate and highly experiences on what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

We work closely and harmoniously with our local partners around the region. From Chamber of Commerce, Governmental Institution, Business Associations, and key opinion leaders in the industries as our internal and external consultant. 

INA experts teams are composed of experts combining the technical skills and the in-depth specific knowledge of their countries that are needed to ensure the quality of our consulting services in international expansion.

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